Hey. My name is Richie Shaffer. I’m a former MLB player. I was really good, then I was really bad. That was hard to deal with. But now I’m good, and I want to make baseball more enjoyable and fun. I also want to help people while making money at the same time… That’s what The Cambio is all about… I think that’s fair, right?

The Cambio is my way of staying in baseball. It’s weird. In other sports, like basketball, when players retire they can still go shoot hoops or play pickup games, but when you’re a baseball player, the moment you’re done, you just completely cease all baseball activities. Nobody just goes and plays catch at the park… You don’t just go take BP somewhere… You just stop. And let me tell you, that shit sucks. I love this sport and the incredible life it provided me, and I want to ensure it keeps growing and provides fans with the same joy it provided me.

I have big dreams for The Cambio… who knows if I’ll be able to spin it into what I imagine, but I’ll sure as shit try. Thanks for tagging along. Should be a wild ride.